I am an innovative, results driven business developer and brand strategist with a strong track record of curating and elevating niche communities, driving brand awareness in a variety of industries, across multiple media platforms.

I have a natural ability to leverage existing relationships while simultaneously cultivating advantageous partnerships. I immerse myself in the culture of any team I join to create my position as the point person between the client or company and the partners they engage.

Using my clients vision and goals as the compass that guides me. I create the road map from where a brand exists today, to where it wants to be. With an eye for day to day details while maintaining the big picture vision, I have overseen many long-term projects from concept to completion. By creating measurable milestones, I am able to monitor progress and manage expectations in any fast paced and ever changing environment. A recent example is creating an invitation-only Facebook group that comprise a network of over 11,000 career-oriented women, making meaningful connections to build strong careers through direct facilitated HR recruitment. 

Throughout the years I have developed strong relationships with media agencies, publicists, television and radio networks, production companies, event planners, social media platforms, travel industry experts and holistic health and wellness companies. I have a well-established network of professionals all spanning Miami, Los Angeles and New York.

I have an unmatched ability to manage a multitude of items in a day with a calm and confident demeanor. With impeccable taste and an eye for what's cool and relevant, I have the ability to forecast and strategize the logistical steps to maintain and advance an authentic and aspirational niche which is invaluable to any individual or brand wanting to stand out in the eyes of the consumer.