“Hiring Kaepernick, The NFL Image & Revenue”

Fed up with loosing seasons and revolving quarterback drama “The Real Lisa Axelrod”, (Daughter of Cleveland Sports Mogul Max Axelrod), finally speaks out with a solution to The Cleveland Browns image and revenue problem.

“The Mighty Max” Axelrod was instrumental in bringing the AFL into what we know as the NFL and conceiving Monday night football in the late early 1960’s, along with business partners Art Model and Geroge Steinbrenner.

They also brought boxing “fights nights” out of inner city clubs and into major arenas to be televised in the mid 1950’s. The packaged event cards, appealed to post WW2 white Americans while fundraising for a little know charity at the time, The United Negro College Fund.

Sadly Lisa lost her father in 2005 and The City Of Cleveland lost a #MightyMench.