• Founder


    Dates Employed2015 – Present


    Employment Duration3 yrs

    LocationGreater Los Angeles Area


    (Web-based, social media-driven, talent recruitment and networking group)

    • Established and maintained a wide array of industry contacts strengthening relationships between executives and possible job candidates, through vigorous marketing strategies. 
    • Collaborated with a diverse, career-oriented network of women through the marketing and promotion of career events, seminars, and mentoring workshops to help them set and achieve strategic objectives for job placement. 
    • Utilized social media skills to grow membership to 13,000 users in 3 years and maximizing the number of meaningful connections made in a short period of time, while attracting headhunters and recruiters across a wide range of fields.
    • Established connections and cross promoted with other popular social media groups building a network of 39,000 + women within higher education, entertainment, film production, interest specific and beyond
    • Moderates a constant online discussion ensuring content posted to the platform remains on topic and most conducive to relationship building.

  • Masters Candidate

    Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology

    Dates Employed2012 – 2015


    Employment Duration3 yrs

    LocationMalibu, CA

    Graduate. Masters Degree in Educational Psychology 3.85 GPA

  • Operations Manager


    Dates Employed2009 – 2012


    Employment Duration3 yrs

    LocationMalibu, CA

    (Addiction Recovery and Mental Health Services Facility) 

    • Effectively recruited, hired, and developed internal staff, and oversaw their workflow, while also evaluating any external interns and volunteers progress as well. 
    • Facilitated successful attainment of 501(c)(3) tax exemption status. Oversaw all aspects of operational transition and market repositioning, maintaining compliance with state and federal statutes.
    • Established new processes for patient booking and communication to ensure more efficient delivery of services, and garner a positive reputation and increase referrals within clinical networks.
    • Rapidly attained costs savings equal to $12,000 per year following completion of organizational assessment. Consolidated personnel scheduling, communication, and billing processes. Streamlined tax management strategy. 
    • Conducted exhaustive review of operational and clinical research processes to ensure compliance with local and federal agencies, including FDA and IRB. Monitored adherence to GCP and HIPAA regulations

  • Senior Advisor

    Hillel International

    Dates Employed2005 – 2008


    Employment Duration3 yrs

    LocationHonolulu, HI

    (International University Program Dedicated to Cultivating Leadership and Development)

    • Implemented policies and procedures that effectively managed department’s budget, program planning, and the overall direction of the organization to expand its geographic reach and ensure outcomes and goals were met.
    • Established and fostered relationships between donors and potential donors through sponsorship events and fundraising opportunities and activities.
    • Developed comprehensive communications initiative to increase membership by 15%. Trained and deployed staff to improve positioning through grassroots outreach, online social networking, email marketing, and public relations built around socially conscious messaging.
    • Exceed fundraising goals by 20% through strategic team leadership and relationship-building with private and corporate donors. 
    • Led personnel training in essential skill areas, including grant-writing, fundraising, member recruitment, event planning, and community relations.


    Program Director


    Dates Employed2005 – 2008


    Employment Duration3 yrs

    LocationHonolulu, HI

    (Cultural Hub and Community Center Providing Outreach Services and Enrichment Activities)

    • Executed a streamlined budget plan and analyzed cost reports, while evaluating staff workflow to ensure proper spending was carried out.
    • Demonstrated the ability to create successful sponsorship opportunities and fundraising strategies, as well as writing grant proposals for national non-profits, including the Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, and Habitat for Humanity.
    • Utilized strong marketing, public relations, web content, and project management to engage a wide range of potential financial backers, as well as allowing existing fundraising to achieve its ultimate potential. 
    • Drove program expansion following organization-wide budget and staffing cuts. Exponentially increased organizational visibility through development of volunteer recruitment and retention procedures and ongoing multi-media exposure, which garnered over 1,000 new volunteers.
    • Exceed fundraising goals by 20% through strategic team leadership and relationship-building with private a and corporate donors.


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